Training scheme at the Department.

Training scheme involves 4-year Bachelors degree schooling on the basis of full secondary education (or 2-years on the basis of incomplete higher education), as well as the annual preparation of the specialists and masters.


Curriculum in the Department.

Training program at the Department is assumed a fully trained preparation of specialists, covering the most important aspects of information technology. The program includes 8 groups of subjects.

·         Fundamentals of programming - the group of subjects provides the students by the knowledge and skills needed to start writing the program code. The task of the group is to introduce the student to make an orientation in the matter of subjects, and to learn of programming starting from the beginning (if necessary).

·         Hardware – the group provides knowledge about the physical aspects of the computing devices, i.e., how does the computer arranged and on what principles based his work.

·         System programming - deals with the issues of interaction software and hardware, the modern operating systems arrange, the features of code developing under different operating systems.

·         Information systems – the group is responsible for the areas and methods of information systems implementation. As well as all aspects of the programming code creation from design to implementation, maintenance and support.

·         Mathematical methods and algorithmics– a group of fundamental subjects dealing with the efficiency and practicality of the software under development.

·         Information security – the group addresses the issues of information security and data protection.

·         Engineering graphics and visualization – the group gives knowledge about the fundamentals of imaging, principles of graphics technology, and standards of engineering graphics.

·         Legal aspects of information technology– the group gives the answers on legal issues of using information technologies in the different fields of life.


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