History Of Ukraine

Cultural Studies

Ukrainian (for professional use)

Foreign language (Professional)

Physical education


Higher mathematics

The basics of programming and algorithmic languages

Life safety

Engineering and computer graphics

The computer practice training

The structure and organization of the computer data

Term project on the basics of programming, and algorithmic language

Introduction to speciality

Philosophy (philosophy, religious studies, logic, ethics)

Fundamentals of discrete mathematics

Probability theory, stochastic processes and mathematical statistics

Object-oriented programming

Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics

Computer circuitry

Numerical methods in informatics

Labor safety

Assembler as a computer language

Higher mathematics (special chapter)

Economic theory


Physical education

System analysis and design of information processing systems

Architecture of computers

Programming and creating software products technology

Organization of data and knowledge bases

Practice of production

Information theory

Computer graphics

Theory of operating systems

The IP of the database and knowledge

Metrology and standardization

Modern control theory

Design of real-time systems

Military training

Political Science

Science Of Law


Fundamentals of ecology

Methods and tools of computer information technologies

Computer networks (local, corporate, global)

Modeling systems

Artificial intelligence system

Economics and organization of production


System programming and operating systems

Information protection in information management systems

Design and maintenance of local computation networks

Organization and operation of information and computing systems and complexes

Design and development of information systems

Legal regulation in the field of information technologies

Network's Java technology

Civil defence

The economy of the area

Labor protection in the industry

Multimedia in the new information technologies

Programming for the Internet

Automated computer processing

Diploma projecting

Neural network

Information security in the Internet

Software engineering

Professional roles and goals of the specialist

Intellectual property

CAD software

Digital signal processing

Geoinformation systems

Reliability of information systems

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