DoSE has been providing an international activity long time ago, maintaining close contacts with German, Italian, English, Russian Universities-partners, is a permanent participant in TEMPUS projects developing. In 2011, the Department had initiated of the cooperation agreement making between the National Mining University and the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany).
The summer of the year will be memorable to the students of DoSE, who had been spending it in the economic center of the European Union – Germany for four weeks as students at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The result of such a practice was obtaining by our students the completion diplomas of appropriate courses and obtaining ECTS points.

deut02.png The whole month German University took students from a dozen different countries, such as the United States, France, Italy, Scotland, Finland, Bulgaria, Australia, India etc Training was conducted in English and the language barrier was not a barrier to communication, both within the University and beyond. Since the early days of dating the students and teachers formed a close, family circle, and every morning turned into some kind of ritual greeting with lots of positive emotions. Time flew with an incredible speed. Workdays followed by weekends, which focused on travel to another countries and cities. Among the places visited were the cities of Germany (noisy and such different Cologne, ultramodern Frankfurt, comfortable Freiburg, adorable Wiesbaden), Switzerland (old Basel), France (Paris, incredibly gorgeous colorful Colmar), every day has brought a lot of impressions, new acquaintances and emotions.
The educational process was extremely interesting, not only lectures, but interesting discussions, group work, presentations before the German scientists, outside of the auditoriums walls. All this helped to better understand and assimilate new, previously unknown the European perspective.



The most memorable course was the course of International Economy, which included a trip to the capital of the European Union – Brussels, where we visited the European Commission and the European Parliament and had been able to listen to lectures from the mouths of those who is closely involved in the development of the economy and legislation of the European Union.
Month flew as one day and on the way home, looking out of the airplane window, before somebody eyes flickered some frames which reminiscent of his|/her most unforgettable summer, calling vivid memories and a smile on his/her face. We are all looking forward to the next year!»


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