Head of chair Alexeev M.A.
Department of Software Engineering (DoSE) was established in 2003 by the National Mining University order # 1029l from 9/22/03 on the basis of the Department of Electronics and Computer Science. The goal of DoSE is to produce bachelors (4-year courses), specialists and masters (5-year courses) in the fields of "Information Management Systems and Technologies" (8.050101) and "Automated Systems Software" (8.050103) of the "Computer Science" direction (0804).

A study in the Mining Institute, and later - University of professions associated with the computer technology using, started in September, the 2nd, 1964, when by the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute order num. 636 the department of "Industrial Electronics and Computer Science" had been established. The department was headed at that time by Assistant Professor, and in the future a renowned scholar and educator, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Zhukovitsky.
Vladimir Zhukovitsky

15_1.JPG In 1970, instead of the lab of computers and computer technology at the department was organized the department of computer engineering, which in 1974 was transformed into an independent unit - Computer Center of the Mining Institute, which during the existence was equipped by such well-known computers as "Ural-1", "Minsk 22", "BESM 6m", "MN 10", "ES 1022", "ES 1035", "ES 1060". In the late 80's the Computer Center had been re-equipped by modern personal computers.

Since 1988, the Department has a new name - "Electronics and Computer Science" (ECS).

Considering the growth of scientific and pedagogical potential of the department, in 1995 the academy leadership had decided to transform the ECS department from special into issuing:

  • of the specialty 7.080403 "Automated Systems Software" in 1995;
  • of the specialty 7.080401 ""Information Management Systems and Technologies" in 1996.
  • Since 1998, the Department had been accredited with the right to prepare Masters of "Computer science" direction (8.080401, 8.080403 specialties);
  • in 1998 with the specialty 7.160101 "The protection of information with restricted access and automation of processing";
  • in 2001 with the specialty 7. 160105 "Information protection in computer systems and networks";
  • in 2002 with the specialty 7.160104 "Administrative Management in the field of information security with restricted access."

In 2003 it was decided that for more effective learning especially of the computer science to split from the department of Electronics and Computer Technology the Department of Computer Science, which soon became known as the Department of Software Engineering (DoSE).

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