Department of Software Engineering (DoSE)

Department of Software Engineeting (DoSE) was established in 2003 by the National Mining University order # 1029l from 9/22/03 on the basis of the Department of Electronics and Computer Science. The goal of DoSE is to produce bachelors (4-year courses), specialists and masters (5-year courses) in the fields of "Information Management Systems and Technologies" (8.050101) and "Automated Systems Software" (8.050103) of the "Computer Science" direction (0804).

Specialists of 8.050101 speciality are preparing to integrate solutions for the information technology and business processes to ensure the information needs of companies and businesses by the most effective and rational tools. They need to understand the technical and organizational factors of information processing to ensure advantages in competitiveness and serve as a bridge between the technical staff and managers. The main key role of them is to develop the specifications, design and then an establishment of effective information systems.

Specialists of 8.050103 speciality are prepared for the development and maintenance of software systems which behaves reliably and effectively. Their role today increases with the critical importance of the programme in terms of security applications, and increase the influence of large and expensive software systems very different purposes. This specialization combines the principles of mathematics and computer science with computer techniques for managing the development of large software projects for various subject areas.

 The Department is situated in building number 3 on the third floor in the rooms num. 25-6, 25-7, 25-8, 25-9, 25-10. Lecture halls of the DoSE equipped by modern computer facilities. Students work in four lab class rooms equipped with the personal computers and the most modern multimedia technology and software on the base of Intel processors. All classes are connected into a local network with Internet access. Auditoriums 3/35 is equipped with 20 computers for classes; 3/36 is equipped with 20 computers for classes; 7/1208 is equipped with 20 computers for classes; and the auditorium of 7/1308 is equipped with 10 computers for classes.

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